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Professional set ups and repairs on all makes and types of guitars, basses and other stringed instruments by a certified, well trained luthier. All set ups and repairs are done in a timely manner at reasonable prices for high quality work on your most prized instruments. Repairs offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Set ups on all types of instruments
  • Fret dressing, leveling and re-fretting)
  • Electronics repair
  • Nut and saddle replacements
  • crack repair
  • acoustic bridge re-glues
  • neck sets
  • Custom body/neck work (routing, inlay etc...)

I take great pride in my custom and repair work and take extra care to make sure the instruments are feeling, playing and functioning the way each individual wants them to, according to their style and preferences. I am a seasoned professional touring guitarist as well as a professional luthier and I know how important it is to have your instruments performing at the top of their abilities, so that you can be at the top of yours.

Resonator in the Shop
Stephen V. Balkun

Certified Luthier
Hand Crafted Custom Guitars and Repairs
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